Warm & Cozy Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe

When January hits, it can be tempting to throw away the remaining Christmas cookies and commit to a strict regimen of skimpy salads and green juice. The truth is, that might be the worst idea!

Corefire On-The-Go: Holiday Travel Workout

We know that there’s no replacing the amazing feeling of walking out of Corefire after a tough session, but we wanted to make sure you are all set to sweat even if you can’t make it to the studio! The holiday season is certainly busy, and often comes along with travel visiting family and friends. Take the workout with you on the road (or in your bedroom!) when you can’t make it to the real thing. All you need is a couple of paper plates (for carpeting), small towels (for hardwood floor), or exercise sliding discs if you have them. Set your phone timer to run and keep it handy - you’ll need to watch the clock! (Now you know how your favorite Coach feels.)

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Maintaining Healthy Habits Through the Holidays

It seems like without fail, every year as soon as Thanksgiving hits, whatever healthy habits we’ve been faithfully become a distant memory. It’s as if we’ve never before had a piece of pumpkin pie or hunk of peppermint bark, and almost as if we’ll never have the opportunity to indulge again in the future (as in, next year). Not to mention our workout routines go out the window. (Unless, of course, you’re hitting the Corefire Holiday Challenge!)

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